Nutrition Leading up to Marathon Day!

Arrived in Chicago Thursday afternoon and went straight into work mode. Thankfully that night I got to meet up with Gabriel — oh, and his parents — and enjoy a nice Rioja with my bro. Some, especially bikini competitor friends, will find my diet shocking! I don’t track calories regularly, I make smart choices and make sure I fall into the … More Nutrition Leading up to Marathon Day!

My Runner’s World Cover

…has arrived. And these are my favorite colors AND my favorite sneakers. Got my Pocahontas vibe, my TMNT mutagen shake and poppin’ a sweet squat in Chicago for Fall Nutrition month. Bucket list item, CHECK. Don’t forget to donate to my Chicago Marathon fundraiser for Endure to Cure right HERE.

Mango Protein Mousse

Awesome invention alert! #mango #protein #mousse. Major #postrun replenishment. I'll throw the recipe up on the #apronsandsneakers blog right MEOW. Sadly, you won't have a bomb #maitai mug like me. A post shared by Squadh (@squasher_88) on Aug 15, 2013 at 7:31am PDT I’m not a fan of depleted cardio and usually eat or at … More Mango Protein Mousse