Homemade Pre-Workout.

This is the pre-workout I drink six days a week after taking my glutamine and BCAA pills. I always work out in the morning. When I’m in the zone my morning routine is nothing short of militant and you’d think I was batshit crazy if I shared it. Which I eventually will, because it works.  

PREP TIME! My best tips on getting into your top shape.

Summer bodies are carved in the winter. The Old Glory bikini photoshoot will live in infamy, get used to it. As a fitness model, I stay in decent shape year round, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes life just gets in the way (master’s degree, moving to Europe, holidays, vacations, impromptu karaoke with soju flying around, … More PREP TIME! My best tips on getting into your top shape.

South African Omelet

Hi friends! I just came back from Bonaire, where I obtained my SCUBA Open Water Diver certification. I recommend all north-easterners bounce out of the snowy weather mid-February and get your flip-flop on, immediately! Just be careful, upon returning and shoveling snow for an hour, you may end up crying and questioning many of your life … More South African Omelet