LA Times Test Kitchen 2011
LA Times Test Kitchen 2011

My life is based on food. So is yours. I love to cook it, eat it, serve it, smell it…

My mom is a great chef and I always had exceptionally fresh and delicious food growing up. College was a nightmare because I had to eat dorm food. I lost weight in college! Then in the military I had to subsist on less than stellar food and MRE’s (meal ready-to-eat) so when I finally left active duty I decided I liked cooking, after all, I’d started this whole girlie, “dinner party habit,” and I was going to become a great chef instead of making restaurants rich by eating out all the time.

I went to culinary school. I learned a lot there but it hasn’t changed my approach to cooking much. I like to take things and ingredients I know and invent new things. I rarely make the same thing twice. I’ve come up with some very yummy things so now when I “play” I try to write everything down as I go. I prefer to freestyle over following a recipe.

Most of what I do is very healthy and clean because I am an athlete at heart and always have my strength and wellness in mind. Once in a while I eat dessert and I don’t feel bad about it; the older I get the less I care about sweets. More than once in a while I imbibe. I am a wine, beer, sprits and sake enthusiast. – Me, 2011

So, the above comments stand.

Everyone who knows me knows I love to eat. I am by no means happy I got seriously bonked in the head, but in reality it led to me pursuing something I’d previously seen as, “silly.” I excelled at Le Cordon Bleu, but had a lot of trouble “studying” … because for a long time that, “wasn’t a thing.”



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