My Runner’s World Cover

…has arrived. And these are my favorite colors AND my favorite sneakers. Got my Pocahontas vibe, my TMNT mutagen shake and poppin’ a sweet squat in Chicago for Fall Nutrition month. Bucket list item, CHECK. Don’t forget to donate to my Chicago Marathon fundraiser for Endure to Cure right HERE.

Runner’s World and Chicago Marathon here we come!

Before I go log my miles I wanted to remind you that Endure to Cure has raised almost $14,000 towards the Chicago Marathon so far, but we are far from our goal! If you can, please donate HERE. I’m so thrilled that most of my donations have come from folks I served with or fellow veterans. Thanks … More Runner’s World and Chicago Marathon here we come!

Homemade Pre-Workout.

This is the pre-workout I drink six days a week after taking my glutamine and BCAA pills. I always work out in the morning. When I’m in the zone my morning routine is nothing short of militant and you’d think I was batshit crazy if I shared it. Which I eventually will, because it works.