I’m leaving this category here because it’s a part of my story. Beauty doesn’t mean a hell of a lot to me but taking care of myself physically certainly saved me monetarily when I was scrambling around trying to get every doctor and his/her mother to figure out what my problem was. I never sat around dreaming of being a model. But, without the ability to read a book with comprehension I certainly couldn’t go to law school. That had been the plan and I’d been accepted to excellent schools because of my “before the TBI stuff” stats and scores. I tossed my plan to be a lawyer and transition into politics and moved to Los Angeles, got a SAG card, did commercials and fitness modeling and went to culinary school. I don’t hate that I did those things, but it certainly wasn’t the plan. It was my adaptation. Thankfully all the exercise and racing and modeling came together into my lovely Runner’s World Cover. It was fun to be on a magazine during the Chicago marathon, which unbeknownst to me, I was running on a broken foot. I am the living embodiment of the VA system’s blooper reel. It was while this cover was running that all the things I’d worked hard to put into my place fell apart. You know what they say, “Shit happens!”

Runner's World Cover


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