My first TBI happened when I was deployed (U.S. Navy). No one saw what happened at 4 a.m. and I didn’t remember being knocked unconscious for hours. I was misdiagnosed. That’s serious shit. Eventually I tripped and fell into a second TBI. All of this on top of ADHD. Don’t feel bad for me though: I have still kicked all the ass.

This is a blog I stared in culinary school, after I left active duty. I was cooking up a storm and running and exercising like a bandit. Despite being a smarty-pants those were the only things I could really do. I didn’t know I was bee-boppin around with a messed up head, but I knew something was off.

Everything makes sense now. I want to use this site to talk about ADHD (which I am convinced is a superpower) and brain injury. I have around 33 years of known ADHD experience and only just recently started acknowledging it as a “real thing.” I have 15 years of brain injury experience and 13 of those were misdiagnosed. So, navigating life with something seriously wrong but looking pretty good is my strong-suit. We can call it, “adaptability.” I am versed in secondary issues such as migraine, spine damage, TMJ, balance and vision problems and muscle weakness. There’s also much to be said about how TBI effects those around you.

I struggled with navigating the military and VA medical systems. They insisted I had PTS and depression. The hospital tried to put me on seven medications at once, and that is when I started kicking in doors. Eventually I found help and I did most of my rehab at NYU Rusk. I took over a year out of my adult life to rehab my brain full-time.

I’d hate anyone to go through what I did and I can now see that TBI research is focused on men; primarily NFL players and male combat veterans. That needs to change.

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    1. Thanks Summer!! I just checked out your website and I can’t wait to come in next time I come home for a visit. Frye is my favorite footwear EVER (aside from Nisolo and my Brooks running sneakers). Congrats on your business!

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