Runner’s World and Chicago Marathon here we come!

Help our cause! Please?
New E2C swag!

Before I go log my miles I wanted to remind you that Endure to Cure has raised almost $14,000 towards the Chicago Marathon so far, but we are far from our goal!

If you can, please donate HERE. I’m so thrilled that most of my donations have come from folks I served with or fellow veterans. Thanks for having my back, still! That’s what we do, right? I really wish the deadline for raising funds was AFTER my Runner’s World comes out, as they will be linking to the charity online, but hey, that’ll be the push for the next race.

Speaking of the next race, I am going to be releasing my race schedule for the next 14 months soon. It is aggressive as all hell. I’m very goal driven, and with the newfound glory of pain free everything and amazing DPT’s that have changed my breathing, posture and gait, I know that I will meet my goals and then some.

Oh, go like my facebook page. I usually post my published articles there. I will get better at that and also getting PDF’s of my magazine articles, too!

And get excited, as I finally incorporate, my friend Natalie’s company is building my new website, which will still be at this address. They say “don’t do business with friends”, but we would be crazy not to partner up. Combined, we can do anything! Love her and her beautiful baby girl. I would be remiss not to post a Natalie classic.

And…. this is a raw image. She’s just that amazing.

Standby for future blog updates on recent adventures, exciting new partnerships with only the awesomest of awesome, and my book (e-book at first) which has been done for months!

Happy weekend!

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