OBSESSED: Protein Waffles

Before the gym I need a snack. Always.
Before the gym I need a snack. Always.

I recently purchased the waffle plates for my Cuisinart Griddler.

I also recently worked my way through Europe on a super rad adventure and then went to Bonaire, where the Dutch influence is strong. I was reminded every day at a place called “Tasty Treats” (and next door, another eatery called “Between Two Buns”, which made me giggle every single day) of my treasured waffle iron and how I’d intended to share my protein waffle recipe.

I like to make this recipe because it fills the waffle iron twice. I can have a nice Sunday-Funday breakfast of two or three and save the rest of the individual squares for my pre-workout snack thought the week.

This is just my first recipe. There will be many more, with many more flavors.

Chocolate Protein Waffles

Total time: 20 minutes  |  Serves: 2-3 for breakfast, or 8 individual squares


1 1/2 cups steel cut oats

1 brown rice cake

1 cup chocolate protein powder

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon coconut sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 pinch of salt

4 egg whites

1-2 cups almond milk (towards the end you’ll have to figure out how much for the consistency of your batter)


1. Turn on your waffle iron to a medium-high heat setting.

2. In a blender or food processor (I love my Vitamix) combine the oats and rice cake. If you don’t have rice cakes use two cups of steel cut oats.

3. Transfer your “flour” to a large bowl and add the protein powder, cocoa powder, coconut sugar, vanilla, baking powder and salt.

4. Back to the blender, add 4 egg whites and blend until they froth up a bit. This will help the waffles be light and airy. Add this to the bowl and stir.

5. Next, add a cup of almond milk. The batter should be thick but not too thick. It should be able to pour slowly as a liquid. If necessary, add more until you get a nice consistency.

6. Add half the batter to the waffle iron. I usually put a big spoonful in each quadrant so I get nice full squares. Dumping a blob of the batter in the middle sometimes results in rounded waffles (not necessarily a bad thing).

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_5131

See the difference?

7. After about five minutes they will be ready. With some waffle irons you may have to flip the waffles for them to cook evenly.

And that’s it! If eating these for breakfast you can add any number of yummy toppings like, banana, apple, natural fruit compotes or jams, natural maple syrup, or whipped cream and chocolate sauce if you’re into that! I like it like this:

FullSizeRender (3)

Enjoy! I will be coming up with some savory waffle ideas too.

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