South African Omelet

Hi friends! I just came back from Bonaire, where I obtained my SCUBA Open Water Diver certification. I recommend all north-easterners bounce out of the snowy weather mid-February and get your flip-flop on, immediately! Just be careful, upon returning and shoveling snow for an hour, you may end up crying and questioning many of your life choices.

While I have a lot to share about the trip, I also have a lot of journalistic work to catch up on (you know, that other job I have aside from “professional adventurer”, “wanderlust queen”, and “chef and piggy extraordinaire”). So, in honor of someone I met in Bonaire, a fire-throwing “hottie” from South Africa, why don’t you check out this video Travel Channel and I did about South Africa’s hair of the dog. (No really, he really throws fire around and it looks all pretty and psychedelic and I have photographic evidence).


An actual recipe can be found HERE.

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