My New Travel Channel Web Series is Up!

I’m excited about my new Travel Channel web series! I blame the Navy for my deep interest in imbibing and I blame my crazy Asian mother for my ability to eat anything.

I love the cultural aspect of food and drink and how as different as we all are, we are all the same in that we need them both. And oxygenated air.


Do we need to drink alcohol? No. But you know what they say, “Everything in moderation … except moderation!”

So far we’ve shot 13 episodes and recipes are posted along with the video. I’ll post one per week starting with Iceland, where they drink Brennevin and chase the hangover with the head of a sheep! Click here to view.

This is not one of those shows where everything tastes or looks amazing. Pull on your brave grundies and let’s explore. No wussies allowed!







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