Raspberry Pea Protein Smoothie

The prettiest color smoothie ever.
The prettiest color smoothie ever.

I’m keeping it real in Paris. I’ve actually put on muscle mass, but I may have put on a small amount of body fat too. Regardless, eight weeks in France and I still have my abs, so I must be doing something right.

Since finding out I have a whey and casein intolerance (I am not completely sold on this but this is what the blood work indicated) I’ve been experimenting with pea, soy and hemp protein. They don’t taste as good as the myriad exotic casein and whey flavors, but I am known for making “yum” out of “blah” if I may so; and on my blog I may say so.

There is a chain of grocery store here called Picard. They only sell frozen foods and it’s a pretty good deal. I have been all about finding the food shopping deals in this black hole of Euro sucking madness. I think I bought a kilo bag of frozen raspberry pieces for four euros. I’ll do that math; that’s $2.54 per pound of fresh picked, cleaned and flash frozen berries. Yes!

The Growing Naturals Pea Protein in Vanilla Blast is pretty tasty. That’s what I used for this morning’s smoothie before I went and crushed leg day. Which never feels authentic at my Parisian gym because I only have access to a Smith Machine! Enjoy! <Jouir!>

Raspberry Pea Protein Smoothie

Total time: 3 minutes | Serves: 1


3 ounces water

8 ounces soy (or rice or almond) milk

1 scoop (25 grams) pea protein powder

1 tsp hemp protein (Why not? Adds fiber.)

1 cup frozen raspberries or 3/4 cup frozen raspberry pieces

1 packet of stevia


1. Blend everything together. I add the liquid ingredients first so the powder doesn’t stick to the blade. Also, because the raspberries are frozen, no need to add ice.

2. Drink.

Well, that was easy.




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