Merry Christmas! Here is the Glam Today cover and article I promised to post three months ago.

Tis the season to stuff your pie-hole, drink too much and miss a workout. I did all three within 24 hours. Did I ever mention that I’m an overachiever? Maybe not an overachiever in promoting myself because this article has been out since my semester started… but enjoy!

My first East coast holiday in several years! Let me first say that I overindulged in wine last night and woke up vascular as HELL. It was amazing. The trick to being cut and vascular; rich dessert and red wine. Look it up.

I need to get something off my chest. Writing this and not adhering to AP Style is absolutely liberating! I was not meant to be bound by rules!

So, get any good swag for Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.)? I did, and I don’t even like gifts! Gifts make me feel strange unless they have a sentimental value or special meaning. Not to brag about the few people in my life with the capacity and understanding to grasp this fact, but they did a very good job.

Back in “the day” I met Danny and he bought me a necklace with pearls and diamonds and all that shit. Gross. He’s come a long way. He gave me THIS. I love rose gold and I always joke that I want a rose gold Rolex. I really don’t because I will just lose it, dent it, or let it collect dust, but he has a fancy Rolex and I think it’s funny to joke about. So this gift has special meaning and that makes me happy because he knows I researched these things quite a bit.

AND, my sister gave me some awesome nautical and booze related stuff and my Dad gave me a diamond snowflake necklace. I don’t typically like jewelry but when I spoke with him today he said that if I’m overseas dodging bullets and taking pictures over holiday seasons I might want a small reminder of home, where it is cold; Maine. I will put it on a long chain though because I don’t need it catching anyone’s eye. But maybe at some point I can use it to get out of a jam! Imagination now running wild on possible jam scenarios in Francophone Africa…. Anywho, fit freaks, here is that cover and feature article. Blows my mind to be on the cover of the most popular women’s fitness magazine (it’s surpassed Oxygen) with Christmas Abbott, totes famous cross-fitter, in the small box. So fun!


Love this mag, the editor-in-chief Courtney, and the photographer; the fabulous Natalie Minh! This was my favorite shoot ever and I have seen photos from this day all over the place.

The feature article cover photo:

page 1

You can download this magazine to computer, iPad or iPhone HERE. Or you can just read the article below. Thanks for making me look fab and giving me the opportunity to do a candid interview Glam Today!

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7

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