Goodbye LA. Hello NYC.

I owe my seven-ish devoted readers a bit of an update. I will keep it quick.

In March I got into Columbia University’s Journalism grad school. It’s the only school I applied to. I don’t usually put all my eggs in one basket but I knew going back to school at my age was only acceptable if I went to the best J-school in the world. So there.

My fitness stuff was on a roll; sweet abs, new agency, the best fitness agency, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to study at Pulitzer Hall. Not all is lost as they will still rep me in NYC. I was supposed to be in a bikini competition on May 25th, but moving day was close, I lost one of my stripper shoes, and I was stressed. So, I just skipped it and took this picture:

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#nofilter Not getting on stage tomorrow so here's the whole show! D asked me not to last week because of my stress level over the NYC move. He's right. Physically I'm pretty much "there" (aside from #glutes) but mentally I'm somewhere else. I lost a stripper shoe too! Weighed in at 123 this morning and always assumed my comp weight would be 120, so had I shredded down the last few weeks would have hit the mark. Going to do an East coast show before I start at #Columbia. Hopefully with Joy! When I get on stage I want to win; I don't think I would have the right swagger tomorrow. But I will soon! Focusing on glutes the next three weeks, knock out a comp and then start my NYC marathon training later in the summer. Happy with my progress… Need to reign in the sailor-style drinking though! ⚓⚓🍺🍺🍷🍷😘

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I will do one later this fall. At least I know I can get there relatively easy (don’t hate, but it really was quite easy) but for now I am happy to have my boobs back. I was able to get into that shape while still having Sunday Funday cheat days and drinking wine. Next time I won’t do that and the results will be better, my ass will be bigger (a good thing!) and I will win. Done. I’m eating clean right now but drinking as desired.

I sold all my furniture and moved to NYC. 1750 sq feet to 650 sq feet. Ahhhhh. My new place is fully furnished now and the new artwork just came in today. Once it’s up, I’m all done. I am not adjusting well to a small kitchen! Rumor has it that I won’t have time to cook like the good ‘ol days while I’m in school. We’ll see about that. I always make time for food and fitness.

I also started my training program for the NYC Marathon. I will easily break 3:30 if I stay uninjured. With my new hip I feel like the bionic woman and so far, so good.

I will still write about food and fitness sporadically, but at Columbia I will be focusing on more important things. I will study poverty, hunger, adoption, women’s rights, overpopulation and social injustice. This makes me happy.

And now I am going to Jacob’s Pickles to meet my friend Andrea. Yay for new friends. This makes me happy too.

One thought on “Goodbye LA. Hello NYC.

  1. I’m sure you will always find a little time for cooking and fitness since they are some of your stress relievers!!

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