Hollywood Half Marathon: My scattered thoughts on a race three months ago


Yes, I am blogging at 10:00 on Saturday night. No, I have not given up drinking. My dog is sick and I need my wits about me incase he needs to be whisked to the doggie ER. Good mommy.

Who is this happy to be running? Me.
Who is this happy to be running? Me. And not those guys.

Before I say too much let me be honest about something: I did not train well for this race, but I have a good explanation. Not an excuse, just an explanation!

This is a whole other blogpost unto itself, but lifting heavy weights in prep for a bikini competition and doing long distance training runs is counterintuitive. Running really lengthens and a primary purpose of my being for the past four months has been to beef up my shoulders, legs and of course butt as best as I can. Slowly I have been able to accomplish this (accomplish being relative to the amount of ass I had about six months ago), more so since I quit with the excessive running. When the NY marathon was cancelled in November due to that evil bitch Sandy, I was free to reduce my running to three short runs a week just for cardio and calorie burn. So I had put in some good training a while back…

So, my first “race” since hip surgery! One year and four months ago my leg was out of my hip socket and I was having bone surgery, a labral debridement and repair, and got some nice hardware in my right hip.


Well, a LOT has changed in my life since I forgot to finish this blog post and gave up blogging entirely for a bit. The aforementioned doggie passed away, I sold all my stuff and moved from LA to NYC via awesome road trip. What? Right. I have some blog catching up to do! I will post tomorrow after I register for classes. (What? Classes? Aren’t I too old to be in school?)

Let me just close out commentary on the Hollywood Half Marathon by saying I didn’t think I was putting out and I logged 7:30 per mile and got 2nd, 18th overall. I don’t remember much else, but my friend Gina and I had fun and Fabian the photographer snapped a pretty dope pic of a gal happy to be back in fighting shape.

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