Phooey! Crikey! Inconceivable! I Have the Flu.

This is me.

Guess what I didn’t get this year? A FLU SHOT. Guess what I now have? THE FLU. Guess what I’ve been doing all day? CURSING LIKE A SAILOR.

I’ve met many people that opt out of vaccinations but I am not one of them. I typically get a shot. Now I have the flu and out of negligence have possibly sabotaged my upcoming competition. Fudge! FML!

Is it a cold or the flu? This might help. My slight fever, extreme headache and body aches and exhaustion tell me I have the flu. Balls!

I found THIS ARTICLE with 30 helpful cold- and flu-prevention tips. Enjoy. I’m guilty of most of the things you aren’t supposed to do, but I think a wedding I attended this past weekend might be the main culprit.

Also, enjoy this list of swearwords that are vastly underutilized in today’s society:

“oh, turds!”



“blast and damnation!”



“bloody hell!”




“god rot!”

“hell’s bells!”

…pats self on back for not including any of my favorite “f-word” or “c-word” curses.

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