Is Beer Good for Runners?

Running and Beer

Please note that after April 20th, when I go back to being “just a crazy runner”, I will be going back on my artisan beer kick… and I consider every beer to be artisan “enough”. This article has convinced me that it’s the right thing to do, especially as a female (last time I checked).

Is Beer Good for Runners? | Runner’s World & Running Times.

In 2003 my first “for pleasure” SCUBA dive was on the Great Barrier Reef. Now every dive pales in comparison because I started with the best.

What am I getting at?

Well, in a reciprocal situation in 1998 my first beer was a 24 oz PBR that I drank after getting my wisdom teeth pulled (while fully awake, no anesthesia and drenched in blood I might add), and every brew since has tasted like heaven.

The moral of the story is; start with crap and work your way up!

... I am a sucker for anything vintage. Even filthy lies...
… I am a sucker for anything vintage. Even filthy lies…

Note: Beer has a lot of empty calories that can lead to weight gain. My solution is running more, not drinking less.

Note: My methods are not always the healthiest or easiest and are usually the most time consuming. You make time for the things that you love.

Note: Beer is good and totally worth it.

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