Better Fast-Food Breakfast Choices

So Many Choices!

If you don’t eat breakfast you are wrong. Fact.

I can deal with it if you don’t drink coffee, but I still think you are wrong. I could get married to coffee and live a full and happy and jittery life.

I never skip breakfast, aside from when I’m at war standing watches or sleep straight through it, but when I am on the go or traveling (like now) and my glove box or oversized purse runs out of Quest Bars (Cinnamon Roll is TO DIE FOR) I know I still need to eat something. My weapon of choice is Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap. With the exception of the high sodium content, the nutrition is in line with what I want out of a fuel-filled breakfast. I had one this morning before my five-mile jaunt!

Soooooo, I was happy to see this new article by WebMD naming my wrap as the healthiest Starbucks option. It also points out the best choices at other popular fast food chains: ARTICLE.


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