Demo is live: Countdown to website launch

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.16.33 PM

Sneak peak at the landing page.

Been tinkering with the demo site. A few more changes then time to pull the trigger!

Very excited to share news on new partnerships, chef revelations, wine musings, worthwhile finds in the life of a gear-tester, plans for upcoming races and adventures and helpful notes on recent ones. Most of all I want to dig deep into motivation; my favorite topic.

I aim to get content you can use and enjoy to your inbox. I do what I do and I like what I like and I am happy to share it with you just like I do with other journalistic and media outlets.

But without an editor slicing up my goods, I get to be unabashedly me, and being me is what I do best.

And what’s with, “Uncharted”?

I used to navigate a ship around the world for the Navy. Now I drive my theoretical ship wherever I damn please. Also “uncharted” was that I ran into some major injuries and medical issues. Ones you don’t know about. I had to change course (always nautical, thank you very much) in major ways. A study on coming out the other end mentally stronger and more convinced that I can do anything is going to help a lot of people.

Get pumped! I’m fist pumping right now.

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Like winter, a new website is coming!

Hey guys!

New website is coming soon. All this time without posts means I have been saving up some awesome content about food, fitness and travel, veteran stuff, outrageous ideas and special tips on how to crush life.

And you know me, there’s always some sort of adventurous, outrageous or unbelievable twist. That’s just how I (cinnamon) roll!



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Food, Fitness and Focus event 1/21

January Final

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January 2016 Runner’s World Cover

Disclaimer: You can only buy the issue on stands if you come from a land down under!

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Thanksgiving’s “Happy Ending”

Nothing helps me curb my sweet tooth like a good button-up after big fat meal. Salted caramel?

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Berry Superfood Smoothie


I love pink.

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The Chicago Marathon: What Really Happened!

Listen up kids; I have a story for you! Be happy to not hear it in person!

When I saw a selection of proofs from the Runner's World photo shoot, this is the image I thought would be on the October cover. They surprised us all!

When I saw a selection of proofs from the Runner’s World photo shoot (shot by Scott McDermott), this is the image I thought would be on the October cover. They surprised us all with the bright and lively fall cover! 

I had a great time in Chicago for my first ever Chicago Marathon, my 18th overall marathon and my first time running a marathon on a broken foot.

What? Continue reading

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Nutrition Leading up to Marathon Day!

Stephanie Izard, I love you.

Stephanie Izard, I love you.

Arrived in Chicago Thursday afternoon and went straight into work mode. Thankfully that night I got to meet up with Gabriel — oh, and his parents — and enjoy a nice Rioja with my bro.

Some, especially bikini competitor friends, will find my diet shocking! I don’t track calories regularly, I make smart choices and make sure I fall into the 40-30-30 macro zone. Of slight concern is that I have dropped some weight lately, but that may have to do with my foot (feet) and reduced time in the gym lifting weights. Anyway, check out my piggy status. Continue reading

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That Time SMACK! Media let me hack their Instagram

Happy Monday world! I never put this up on the blog, but it was great fun, so here it is. The ladies at SMACK! are more amazing than I can articulate.         **Crickets** … see?

Hmmmm, what to put here. The Smackanistas would like this. Photo by Scott McDermott

Hmmmm, what to put here. The Smackanistas would like this. Photo by Scott McDermott

My “day in the life” Instagram hacks could range from “Wow she’s pretty boring and likes to talk to her dogs,” to “Oh my gosh how has this person never died a horrible dramatic death?” As of late, I have been going 100 mph despite a month of living … nowhere. As I like to say, “CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP!” Moving into new NYC home/office in a few days and I can’t wait to get to work there. And by work, I mean working out and hammering away at my stand up Rebel Desk. I’d like everything I own to be prefaced by the word “rebel”.

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Zulkey Interview. Wait, people interviewing ME?

photo by Scott McDermott

photo by Scott McDermott

Claire Zulkey is highly accomplished and I was flattered that she wanted to interview little old me! Read it, and know that I am not above pissing in my wet suit to stay warm and that, yes, I do have some Navy nostalgia, and that, yes, I have conquered “underboob chafing”.


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